Love And Light Publishing’s mission is to provide quality books that speak to human evolution.

We currently have two authors that we are representing, C.B. Thompson and Bob Sanders.

C.B. Thompson’s writing style can be tongue and cheek and direct and to the point, making reading both fun and informative.

When reading a book, one will find that the author writes from the heart, and has your best interest in mind. The goal is to always tell the truth and not to mislead or make something up. The information provided is to the best of the authors ability, knowledge and wisdom.

C.B. Thompson’s books will always be created to inspire thought and inner searching.

Bob Sanders is the author of the book The Stairway To Freedom, which was channelled to him by The Great White Brotherhood. You can learn more about Bob and his book at www.thestairwaytofreedom.org

It is the goal of Love And Light and it’s authors to create books that lift the human spirit.

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